Our Staff

  • Name Role Year Group Subject Coordination
    Sarah Sadler Headteacher Whole School SENCo
    Britishness Pupil Voice
    Lydia Stephen EYFS Lead
    Class teacher
    EYFS Maths
    Sara Hall Class Teacher Year 1 History
    Jo Johnson KS1 Coordinator
    Class teacher
    Year 2 Science
    Supporting LS with Maths
    Erika Rumble Class Teacher Year 3 The Arts
    Jessica Marshall Class Teacher Year 4
    Bethan Jackett Class Teacher Year 5 English
    Character Project
    Candi Norman Deputy Headteacher
    KS Coordinator
    Year 6 English
    Pupil Premium
    Character Project
    Callum Earls Specialist PE Teacher Whole School PE
  • Name Role
    Carla Helps Nursery Nurse
    Kerry Smith EYFS LSA
    Shirley Thornley Year 2 LSA
    Natalie Barnacle Year 2 SEN Support
    Danielle Robinson Year 3 & Year 4 LSA
    Sue Finney Year3 SEN Support
    Shannon Keates Year 4 LSA
    Georgia Groome Year 5 LSA
    Jenny Toone SEN LSA
    Liz Cooper HLTA (Year 3 & 4)
    Angie Carter HLTA (Year 1 & 2)
    Louise Mayes HLTA (Year 5 & 6)
    Mel Knight Family Outreach
    LAngie Carter Breakfast Club Manager
    Danielle Robinson Breakfast Club Assistant
  • Name Role
    Ann Barkley TBC
    Mel Knight Clerical Assistant
    Debbie Harrison Clerical Assistant
    Dawn Hunt Bursar
    Joe Durham ICT Technician
  • Name Role
    Sue Finney Lunchtime Manager
    D Guest Lunchtime Supervisor
    J Curson Lunchtime Supervisor
    J Blythe Lunchtime Supervisor
    S Lliffe Lunchtime Supervisor
    U March Lunchtime Supervisor
    K Ward Lunchtime Supervisor
    Callum Earls Play Leader
  • Name Role
    John Cooper Site Manager
    Anna Varnham Cleaning Supervisor
    K Ward Clearner