Our Results

Woolden Hill Primary School conduct teacher assessments regularly to support pupil development. The results of these are used to inform planning and the next support  steps for children so that they can achieve their full potential.

Due to the pandemic, the last set of published data was in July 2019, the last year that SATs testing was officially administered. This is the data that is represented below and can be compared against the National data sets.

Key Stage 2 Results and Progress 2022/23 (All Pupils)


Percentage achieving national standard and above in reading, writing and maths.

Percentage making above expected standard in reading, writing and maths



Percentage making expected standard in reading.

Percentage making above expected standard in writing.



Percentage making expected attainment in maths.

Key Stage Two - Subject Level Results 2022/23

Key Stage Two - Progress Results 2022/23

Key Stage One - Results 2022/23

Year One - Phonics Results 2022/23

Woolden Hill Primary79.3%

EYFS - Results 2022/23

Woolden Hill Primary83.3%

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