School Council

School Council

Welcome to the School Council

The School Council at Woolden Hill Primary School consists of a team of extremely active, dedicated and well organised children. The members of the council take their roles very seriously and, as a result of their hard work, have orchestrated and coordinated positive changes within the school.

Children vote for children in their year group from a range of nominees, they vote for a boy and girl. The school council is led by a Chair and Vice Chair who are chosen by the elected council members. The school council take part in regular meetings, which are supervised, they then feed back to their own class groups. The school council has their own notice board in the school hall which they keep updated.

Previously the school council has been involved in working closely alongside a "play specialist" to revolutionise the way children play within the school. They worked tirelessly to train teachers, classroom support staff, lunchtime supervisors and, most importantly, the rest of the children on how to improve break and lunch times and encourage cooperative play. This year the school council will be collecting pupil views about a range of issues including reading, maths and learning and implementing a Healthy Tuck Shop.

Our Vision

The School Council Vision Statement is as follows:

  • Our school council works together as a team to ensure we can be the best school possible.

  • We aim to make pupils to feel comfortable, happy and safe at school.

  • We shall work hard to make our world a better place.

  • We want to improve our school by discussing ideas and making decisions.

  • We aim to listen to others and discuss comments and suggestions that would make our school an even more wonderful place.

From Friendship Officers and Eco Officers to Change Consultants and Safety Officers, the council truly represent the voice of the pupils.

Pupil Parliament

In addition to our school council, we have a Pupil Parliament. Four representatives from our school meet with other pupils from across the Trust. This provides an exciting opportunity for our children to influence policy and practice within all the schools within our Trust.

The Pupil’s Parliament decide on laws which will affect all children and vote or challenge their implementation. The Pupil’s Parliament is designed to mimic the structures and processes of our National Parliament and provide pupils with a unique insight in how policy is implemented and challenged.

The Cabinet is made up of 20 children from across the primary schools within the Trust. Children will be given specific roles within the Cabinet such as Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Minster of Education, as well as other ministerial roles. The Cabinet will decide on laws they feel the House of Commons should adopt in 4 keys areas:

  • Pupil Wellbeing: Sport, Health & Wellbeing

  • STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths

  • The Arts: Music Dance, Drama and Art & Design

  • Literacy & Learning: English, Humanities, RE & Languages

These laws will be submitted to the House of Commons for debate and challenge. The House of Commons will then debate and vote for the law which will either be implemented across all schools or sent back to the Cabinet for revision.

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